A Review of Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome – Part 1

Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome

Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome

It’s been some time since I posted on this blog, or any of my blogs. I’ve been in a funk. I need to break out of it for sure. Writing a review of Tifanny Dow’s new product, Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome seems like a great way to get the juices flowing.

I just bought her guide yesterday, loaded it to my Kindle, and took it to work with me for supper time reading.

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Do you grab the latest, most exciting product or course, only to get distracted by the next newest and exciting “object” that comes along? Do you abandon your recent purchase to chase after something new, before you even have a chance to make full use of the last thing you bought? Congratulations, you have shiny object syndrome.

People interested in the make money online niche fall victim to this all the time. I do it, and I’ll bet you do too. The online world changes so fast, and it’s just so tempting to run after the latest fad.

Most things you read about Shiny New Object Syndrome talk about how to control it and overcome it.

Tiffany Dow takes a different approach in her latest 36 page ebook. She aims to show you how to enjoy your addiction to those shiny new objects by making money on them. Buy stuff and profit from it, or as Tiffany calls it, “Buying that doesn’t backfire.”

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Why I Bought This Book

I could just say I bought this new Tiffany Dow ebook to satisfy my Shiny Object addiction. That wouldn’t be a lie. But it wouldn’t be the whole truth either.

Most of the time we get sucked in by a great sales page. They make their new thing sound so exciting and make you think it’s a “can’t miss” tactic, we just have to check it out.

I know I really fall for this in the offline marketing niche. I help a few local business people with their websites, and the online part of their business. I always feel like I need to keep up with ALL the newest fads and offline ideas.

In the case of Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome, I didn’t really even read the sales copy. I’ve been following Tiffany Dow for a long time now. I’ve bought a bunch of her stuff. I trust her and like her teaching style. For me, this was a no-brainer.

UPDATE! UPDATE! Tiffany Says To Talk About The Sales Process
Well, right out of the gate, I’ve got the teacher smacking my hand. Just like back in Catholic grade school. I guess some things never change.

This course says to talk about the sales letter and order process, and I just skipped right over that.

So now I have to stay after school to go back and finish my assignment. Ah, the memories…

The Sales Talk

The first thing I noticed when I went back to the sales page is – it’s changed since I bought my copy! I’m pretty darn sure there used to be picture of Tiffany Dow at the top of the page. Now there’s that nifty Photoshopped ebook rendering, the one I shamelessly stole to put on the top of this page.

A quick little note: Don’t steal other people’s work – whether it be written content, pictures or whatever. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it freely available for you to use without permission. In this case, I’m writing a review of Tiffany’s course, and I’m pretty sure she’s OK with me using the book image here. Still, I’m risking her going Honey Badger on me. I’ll let you know if that happens.

There aren’t any wild claims in the sales copy. It’s just text, no video (thank goodness), and at only 4-5 pages, it’s pretty short for an info product sales letter.

Tiffany offers to help you make enough money to at least pay for all the products you buy – if you’ll follow her review methods. This will help you get over feeling guilty about spending money on your “addiction.”

I bought this course with my very own money – no comps here.

There were no annoying one time offers or upsells. The checkout and download process were smooth and problem free.

The Pep Talk and Mindset Section.

The first part of the course is what I think of as the pep talk and mindset section.

The Pep Talk
Tiffany goes into what Shiny New Object Syndrome (SNO-Syndrome) is. She has a different approach to this “problem” than anyone I’ve seen. Tiffany Dow wants to show us how to have our cake and eat it too. We can buy all those courses and ebooks, she wants us to make money with them. And she knows how to do that.

When she was talking about how most newbies don’t think they have anything people will want to hear, she hit home with me. If I haven’t managed to quit my factory job, why would anyone care about my opinion? She explains why that can actually be an advantage. Cool! I need all the advantages I can get.

Another thing Tiffany teaches that’s sort of against the grain, is to NOT be afraid of the make money online niche.

I’ve bought many courses about making money online that tell you Internet Marketing, and Make Money Online are too crowded – filled with the real sharks of the Internet – and we should avoid that niche.

The make money online niche is something that REALLY interests me. I’m glad Tiffany wants to show me how to attack that market, and make it work for me.

The Mindset
Next Tiffany goes to work on your mindset. This is about reviewing and promoting make money online products in a way that builds trust.

Honesty rules.

This may mean you have to chance hurting someone’s feelings. It requires being willing to call the product vender out when they don’t deliver on their promises.

It may mean you have to expose your own failings. You have to be yourself – right out in the open for the world to see.

I’m a pretty shy person, and not comfortable exposing myself in public. Are you?

Maybe that’s a reason I have SNO-Syndrome. It let’s me hide inside myself and feed my inner Walter Mitty. I can dream about all the great Internet Marketing lifestyle crap I read, and fantasize about being a Make Money Online superhero.

But I’m a factory grease-monkey, what do I know about that psychology stuff?

Tiffany gets you ready to do battle here.

The Setting Up Your Site Section.

Website Setup
I’ve built lot’s of websites, most of them have been build on WordPress. So I was tempted to skip over this part, get right into the 10-step process she teaches. But I’ve already had my hand smacked for skipping over the sales letter part, so I better not chance it here.

Besides dear reader, I’m doing this for you.

She goes into getting a domain name and setting up name server info so your site will actually show up when someone enters your domain name in their browser.

Her info is good for accounts that allow multiple websites under one umbrella domain. I have one of these kinds of accounts at Bluehost. To setup a new website you go into your cPanel account and setup a subdomain for the new site.

All of your websites are controlled with one cPanel account. This is handy and it works fine, but it could be a problem later on, depending on what you want to do with your websites.

Are you ever going to want to sell any of your sites? Or make a site for someone else? The one big umbrella typs account makes this harder to do.

I have a reseller account at Hostgator. When I want a new site on this host, I have to go in and create a new account for that domain. This will have it’s own user name, password and cPanel – completely separate from the other sites I have hosted on my Hostgator account. This lets me setup a site for someone, say a local business, and I can turn the site over to them, without giving them access to my main account.  If I sell a site, I can offer hosting as an extra.

I have sites I know I’ll never sell. These are on Bluehost. Most of the others are on Hostgator.

You should think about using a reseller account. It costs a bit more, but depending on what your business plans are, it’s worth it.

The info about setup in this course doesn’t work exactly for reseller hosting. Your hosting provider should have help for you on getting your accounts setup.

Tiffany also recommends setting up an email address for your site, such as contact@mydomain.com, or something similar. I almost never do this, because I’m LAZY. Don’t be lazy like me, do what Tiffany says. I just use Gmail and I hate myself for it.

I guess to do the review properly, I have to implement what the course teaches. Crap. I’ll be right back…

OK, I just setup a new email address for this site – joe@privatelabelrightsjunkie.com. That took at most 1 minute. Piece of cake.

WordPress Setup
When it comes to blogging, Tiffany Dow rocks. Setting up a blog like she suggests is a safe bet. But you just know I have to toss in a few suggestions.

  • She shows you how to setup the permalink structure like this: /%postname%/. If you have categories with nice strong keywords, you might want to consider using. /%category%/%postname%/ instead.
  • Tiffany doesn’t include any SEO plugins in her plugin list. Properly setup these can make sure your posts have proper title tags and other features to help with getting search engine traffic. A couple of good ones are, WordPress SEO by Yoast which has a LOT of features (maybe enough to be confusing) and All in One SEO Pack. These are both free and easy to install right inside WordPress.
  • She teaches you to add some things to your theme. The way she shows is OK for free themes and even some paid themes, but if you use one of the premium themes you probably shouldn’t change the core theme files like she shows (these themes are often called frameworks). Changes like these will get overridden when a theme update takes place. You’ll end up needing to do all the work over again with every update. These themes need to be changed with custom files. Consult your theme’s documentation. Often there are places in the control panel for the theme to make these changes.
  • The above statement doesn’t include widgets. Change those just like she suggests.

Email Autoresponder
The course has a section about using autoreponders. Tiffany says these are optional, and just for convenience. I can tell you she sends out an email nearly every day. So to do this Tiffany Dow style, you’ll need an autoresponder.

This is another area that gives me heartburn.

EVERYBODY tells you the money is in the list, right? After all the recent shakeups at Google, the Pandas and Penguins and all those, the gurus all said an email list was even more important. Your list gives you a way to get traffic without kissing Google’s rearend.

But an autoresponder, and the email list that goes with it represents commitment to me. I’m a guy, and guys hate commitment, right? I’ve just had a really hard time tying myself down to doing regular emails, like Tiffany does.

So which autoresponder to choose?

By far, and it’s not even close, aWeber is the one I see show up in my inbox most from the hundreds of marketing emails I get everyday.

But GetResponse has a good reputation too, and they’ve just signed an agreement with JVZoo so their autoresponder directly intigrates with the JVZoo platform. If you sell something on JVZoo and use GetResponse, the purchaser will automatically be added to your autoresponder list. Pretty cool.

I’ve got a free MailChimp account. It’s free until my list grows to 500 people.

I’m leaning toward aWeber, but Tiffany says this is optional, so the MailChimp account will do, until I’m ready to COMMIT.

So How Am I Doing?

This brings me up to the actual 10-step review process the course teaches. It seems like a natural place to stop part 1 of the review.

This part has taken me pretty much all day to do.

That’s not all day sitting in front of the computer of course. I mowed a couple of acres of lawn, tilled and hoed in my garden and had a couple of meals in there too.

When I took a break from all that stuff, I worked on this. I also spent a large chunk of time this evening working on this review. All together I’ve got several hours tied up in it already – and I’m not done yet.

I’m a slow writer. I do too much editing as I write, and that let’s my mind wander off sometimes. Doing this on a more regular basis would help me improve my speed I’m sure.

So will I keep going and finish this review? Or will I feed my Shiny New Object Syndrome another shiny object and wander off again?

Keep checking back to find out.

Or sign up for my list below to get updates. Sorry, I don’t have a bribe for you to sign up like all the gurus do – but that’s on my “maybe I’ll get around to it someday” list.


If you want a copy of this course to follow along you can get it here.

Continue to PART 2 of this review.

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